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Our law firm is known for its professionalism, consistency and speed of providing legal services to the clients in a wide range of legal services.

Our main target is to successfully meet the increasing demands of our clients with privacy and we are honored steadily with their confidence in handling their cases in all aspects of law.

We guarantee a dynamic representation of our clients and a multi – faceted approach to all legal matters, with responsibility, flexibility and effectiveness, at the shortest possible time.

We offer constant legal support and we provide detailed written information on the progress of every case.

Our goals are realized thanks to our excellent legal training, our appetite for work and our continuous collaboration with various expertise professionals (public notaries, real estate agents, accountants, auditors, judicial bailiffs) and law firms all over the world and  throughout the Greek territory.

Our office is situated in the centre of Piraeus and close to the main public services of the city.



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