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Guide to Greek Inheritance Law Greek inheritance law has two angles: taxation, and inheritance laws, meaning which laws apply to foreigners leaving property in Greece and to Greeks leaving property to foreigners, the existing restrictions and whether making a will is advisable.
Purchase land  in Greece Many individuals of Greek decent have inherited property in Greece from their parents or relatives. Under Greek Law a series of procedural steps must also be taken by an heir to establish ownership and clear title to inherited land and buildings.
Types of Will in Greece According to Greek law, any person over the age of 18 and of sound mind is entitled to make a will in Greece to secure the transfer of their assets. Greece has a system of forced heirship, and a person may not freely determine who gets what. If a person dies without making a will, all assets will be divided among the next of kin, according to Greek law.
Inheritance procedure in Greece Greek inheritance law is regulated by the Greek Civil Code, Art. 1710 - 2035. All inheritance and tax claims regarding immovable property in Greece are decided according to Greek rules, even if the deceased was not Greek and even if the will was made under foreign law.
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